Why Getting My PhD was Crucial

If you are planning to pursue a doctorate degree, a lot will be at stake. You might miss out a chance to earn steady income for many years because you will shift your focus on your doctorate degree. Regular hours of sleep and work will seem impossible for you to attain because of the higher pressure you’ll have to deal with the requirements and a whole lot more. Now given the possibilities of what you might lose when you start working on your PhD, do you still want to pursue?

Now, when you tell people you’ve earned your doctorate, it doesn’t mean you’re a doctor (like you’d find here). It simply means you’ve attained the highest level of mastery on a given topic, and are probably interested in teaching at a university level or researching. A doctorate degree may seem to be impossible to achieve for people who can live the same old means they have right now, but for people who are driven and goal-oriented, acquiring the highest level of degree might just be their highest attainment ever! Aside from this one big reason, there are also other very good reasons why people would want to have PhDs affixed to their name.

People pursue a doctorate degree because they want to discover something new. If you are the type of person who never ceases in discovering something new and is always curious about almost anything, then this inner intuition might be the reason why you earnestly want to pursue a doctorate degree. As they say, the world’s great researchers started out with a childlike curiosity which was later on developed into a habit and later on a passion.

PhD holders always have the highest pay. Getting a doctorate degree may also be because of the desire for a better pay and higher position. Companies regard PhD holders as assets and thus offer doctorate degree professionals with not only the highest regard but also the highest pay.

A doctorate degree is something destined for you to achieve. If you are always fond of doing numerous research projects since you were a kid, then it is natural for you to seek out more knowledge. Universities that offer doctorate degree courses are the best avenue for you to gain more knowledge on a certain profession that you have ever since been fond of.

PhD gives a person that kind of confidence to delve into a new area of study, learn from it quick and have something to say about it even if the study have been around for quite some time. It gives the person an in-depth view of the specific area of study and be confident about it.

People who are taking PhD courses believe that through this, they are able to increase their appreciation for creativity and the whole profession per se.

While studying PhD, you will more likely given a better understanding of what the common standards and norms mean which will eventually test your own critical thinking if you find these common standards to be questionable. From this constructive thinking,

If teaching is your passion, then having a PhD will give you the advantage. Most universities and colleges require their professors to be holders of either Masters or Doctorate degrees to ensure that they what they have are the best people in the field.

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