Venus Factor Review: great, lasting results!

venus factor reviewI’ve always had trouble losing weight and looking and feeling fit, no matter how much I would hit the gym and try to find new diets that work. Unfortunately, even if I lost weight, I’d just gain it right back. But the Venus Factor system is different.

My Venus Factor review

The system includes:

  • The manual to help you figure out your Venus index ratio
  • 12 week fat loss workout system
  • 12 week fat loss diet plan
  • The workout schedule


  • Specifically works for women
  • No hungry feeling because you don’t restrict or count calories
  • Can do all workouts at home
  • Steps are easy to follow

The one Con

One of the main components of the Venus Factor system is the work outs you have to do. So you actually have to do them and stick to them! It can be difficult, especially for working moms to find the time, but if a miracle pill is what you’re looking for, this isn’t it. I also recommend reading Mary’s interesting post about the reasons for most Venus Factor negative reviews.

My Venus Factor Take

I tried the Venus Factor system after noticing a friend, who has two babies, had a slimmer, more feminine body since the last time I saw her, just four months before. She’d done the 12-week program and was going strong with her new fit appearance. I thought maybe she’d gotten a trainer or something expensive like that, but no, it was the Venus Factor, which is pretty affordable considering the results. Well, now that I’ve completed the 12-week program and stuck to the basic principles of the diet and exercise plans, I’m the one who people wonder about because I look more in shape now than I ever did in my 20s.

The system is designed specifically for women, since we gain weight differently than men do and harbor our weight in different areas, like the butt and thighs. The Venus Factor targets these areas and the diet plan is geared toward speeding up female metabolism too. Basically women, respond differently to Leptin, the hormone that burns fat. This system and the work outs and the diet plan change the response. It sounds really complex but it’s not once you get started. Plus, if you join the Venus Community, which came as a bonus when I bought my system, you can talk to other women all over the world and get tips and support. It’s a great tool if you’re like me and like to ask questions.
I used to try new diets and pills all the time, but even if they did work at the time, I would always gain the weight back eventually or hit a plateau and stop losing, even if I kept dieting and kept exercising. This is the first time I’ve been able to really achieve the look I wanted and keep my body that way for an extended period of time.

Thanks for reading my Venus Factor review. I highly recommend the system for any woman who would like to look sexier and slimmer and feel more youthful and healthy.

The Original Leptin Diet Review

The Orginal Leptin Diet takes into consideration that the hormone, leptin plays an important role in weight loss and weight gain. This diet works with this hormone and maximizes its benefits in weightloss. The diet has simple basic guidelines that most people can follow with minimal effort. Some people who need more structure can research specific foods to eat. While reviewing this diet it was found that pairing it up with leptin supplements help some people get faster and longer lasting results.

Contributing Factors to Weight Loss

Slow and fast metabolism has been given a lot of credit for being overweight. Of course how much a person eats can also affect weight. The amount a person eats is affected by the following:

  • Activity
  • Emotions
  • Socialization
  • Upbringing
  • Peers

Weight loss is not just about metabolism, what you eat, self-control, and discipline, according to Dr. Oz the hormone leptin plays an important role in obesity because it affects appetite. This is why more people choose the Orginal Leptin Diet.

Reviewing the Leptin Diet

The diet is easy to follow with a little practice. Following these 5 simple guidelines provides results within days for some and for others within weeks.

1. Stop eating after an early dinner
2. Eat three small meals every day
3. Do not snack
4. Eat a high protein breakfast
5. Minimize the carbohydrates that are consumed

At first it may be difficult to eliminate snacking but reducing the snacks gradually over a few days or a week makes it easier. Once the habit is broken the results are generally enough to keep a person on the Orginal Leptin Diet.

If you find following a diet book difficult, consider the Venus Factor diet by John Barban. It’s an online leptin diet that is tailored to women including a massive online support community.

Diet Motivation

The lack of snacks seems to be the most challenging part of the Leptin Diet. Once the habit of snacking is broken it becomes easier as the body adapts to the new eating lifestyle. The following results have been found to keep dieters following the guidelines of this diet:

  • Weight loss
  • Energy
  • Toned body
  • Elevated moods

Balanced hormones affect more than weight loss and weight gain. As with all diets, a healthcare professional should be consulted before beginning the diet.